Take your next step in community

Life Groups aren't just something we do at Emerge Church, they are core to who we are as a church. Not only is it important for your spiritual growth to be involved in a Life Group, but we also need people just like you to connect with people in our groups. You need a Life Group, but there's a group out there that needs you, too!

Plus Life Groups are fun! At each group you get to bring people in your life to hang out with friends, meet new people, and typically eat great food while talking about life and Jesus.

At Emerge Church we believe that circles are better than rows.

Life Groups are vital to truly be connected to each other ... to know and be known. When we get together in small groups we are able to grow deeper in our faith and receive support and accountability on our journey.

There is a Life Group waiting to welcome YOU.


Fill in your details below and one of the team at Emerge Church will be in touch as soon as possible to help find the right group for you.